About the Founder

Courtney Palm

Courtney Palm, LMFT


Courtney Palm holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in this field since 2005. She completed three years of a clinical internship to specialize in child development and sleep intervention through the Child Development Institute in California. Courtney is certified in DIR: Floortime, the Neuro-Sequential Model of Therapeutics, and the Babies/Pre-Steps Model of Intervention for premature babies.


Courtney started her clinical practice at the Child Development Institute providing developmental evaluations, Floortime Intervention, and mental health counseling for parents of children with special needs. She expanded her practice to include pediatric sleep intervention for children with neuro- cognitive disabilities. After relocating to Colorado Courtney worked with the University of Denver’s Early Learning Center supporting teachers as they taught children with special needs. She also worked with the area child advocacy centers providing trauma counseling and sleep support to children who were victims of crime.

Currently, Courtney works for Early Intervention Colorado providing developmental assessments and sleep intervention to children with developmental delays. She also worked with Children’s Hospital Colorado in the Postpartum Depression Clinic providing attachment work with moms and babies in addition to sleep support. In her private practice Courtney offers her sleep expertise to families of typically developing children and provides professional trainings to providers seeking to learn more about sleep intervention. To date Courtney has successfully sleep trained thousands of children through her clinical practice.

Cradle Method

Courtney developed the Cradle Method by designing a matrix to help parents select their own sleep training options. She found through her practice that parents were more likely to succeed when they had the flexibility to adapt their sleep plans by choosing from multiple support options. The Cradle method allows the parent to choose their response time (immediate vs interval), the support level (parents can choose up to 4 types of support), and removal system (parents decide the order of support removal). Since the app’s launch thousands of families have found sleep success using the Cradle approach.