Sleep Time Success Stories

Testimonials from Well-Rested Parents

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The Owens

I am one of those moms who said never in a million years would I just allow my baby to cry as part of sleep training. Letting my baby cry felt like betrayal to my vow to respond to his needs and keep him safe. My husband lovingly followed my lead and for our son's first seven months of life he would take only 20-30 minute naps during the day and sleep no longer than 1.5 hour stretches at night.

Even after having three pediatricians tell us we needed to sleep train, I still resisted, instead diligently trying every no-cry sleep solution technique (or product) I could find. I suppose we thought it would also naturally get better as he got older, which it didn't, and we were beginning to be told the window for the ideal time to sleep train was closing.

We finally had to realize that while I was happy to martyr myself (mistakenly thinking this made me a good mom) it was my son who wasn't getting what he needed. In his seven-month life he had never known what it was like to feel fully rested! So, hesitantly I decided to try a Sleep Training plan. Through our experience, we quickly learned that allowing my son to cry was part of teaching himself how to put himself to sleep.

It was extremely challenging for that two-week period but so worth it. Our son now sleeps 12 hours at night and takes two 90-minute naps a day, nearly flawlessly most days. He wakes rested, I am a healthier mom, and we are healthier family. There isn't a week that goes by that we don't say how sleep training helped our family!

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Whittenberg Family

One of my biggest fears about having a baby was the sleepless nights. I am a person that truly needs eight hours of sleep to feel like a human being and the idea of going months/years feeling sleep deprived was beyond depressing. Thankfully my fears were put to rest when I learned that there were strategic things I could do to help my baby learn how to make it through the night.

As a new mom I was completely overwhelmed with everything from feedings to work schedules so when I found a place where all of my sleep questions were answered, I was so relieved! We developed a sleep plan specifically for my daughter based on her age, weight and other important factors. Within two weeks of implementing the Cradle strategy, our daughter was sleeping 12 hours a night!

Before this, the longest she had ever slept was 4-5 hours. I will say, it took the full two weeks and at one point I nearly gave up, (It's so hard to listen to your baby cry!) but with the support of my husband we made it and it is the best decision we ever made. Now when our daughter cries, we know it's because something is truly wrong. She can soothe herself and actually looks forward to bedtime.

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Crist Family

When my husband and I first inquired about sleep training, our daughter Cambree, at 4 months of age, was waking up every 90 minutes to 2 hours throughout the night and would sleep for no longer than 30 minutes at a time during the day - if we were lucky! Our household quickly became one of immense stress and anxiety due to prolonged sleep deprivation and constant crying.

My husband to this day says that Sleep Training “gave us hope at a time when couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Within 3 nights of starting the program, our sweet Cambree was sleeping 12 hours a night, and within 2 weeks she was taking 2.5-hour naps twice a day. Cambree went from getting about 6-7 hours of sleep per day to over 14 hours! Cambree is now almost 2 years old and she still averages about 14 hours a day of blissful sleep. The sleep training didn’t just help our daughter to sleep, it helped her to THRIVE because she was finally getting the rest she so very needed in order to learn and grow! Not only does Cambree sleep soundly, she enjoys going to bed. Nap and Nighttime tuck-ins are never a battle and both my husband and I describe putting Cambree to bed as a peaceful and joyful experience for all of us!